Thursday, 19 October 2017

The very last post

Hello everyone!

It was a hard-to-take decision, but this post is the very last in the Emerald Flame Crafts blog. It was a great fan for me to run it, however, due to the very poor response and the lack of time, I have to cut my activity here down. The blog itself will still be here on the Blogspot platform so you can read everything already posted, but no any new info will appear.

You can still follow me and my lampworking via:

As for the good news, Emerald Flame Crafts now has a completely new look and feel, so I welcome you to share this changes with me.

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Get Styled!: issue No 5

Today I'm going to tell you the story about that the curvy girls shouldn't wear horizontal stripes. Some of the options, for example, too broad and contrast may make the fail option, true. But if you choose the right colors and style, the stripes can be quite a decent foundation for a new look.

Why does it work? First of all, this outfit represents the Marine style, but not quite typically interpreted. My appearance is not very suitable for contrast, dramatic combination, and therefore the standard "marine" white-blue or black-and-white stripes of equal width do not fit me. Therefore, for this dress, I chose a combination of the pale green and sand - winter colors of the English coast, where bundles of the acute, but thin pale greens in the sand tremble under the wind, full of splashes of the dark gray sea. The fabric of the dress - thick jersey - together with leather inserts on the shoulders create a smooth, feminine, but also assembled and structured style, while the skirt length visually slightly pulls figure out. The length of the sleeves and a choice of shoes without heels emphasize the coastal theme, 'cause the sea fishing is the hard work and doing it with the sleeves pulled down and on the toes is impossible! The outfit topic is also supported by the woven bag - say hello to the baskets of fish! - and "woven" pattern on the shoes (which, unfortunately, is not visible in the photo), as well as the earrings with feathers - whether the quote of the seagulls or the spinners used by the fishermen.

What can be changed? Shoes with heels can reduce the mood of the outfit too much to the everyday and modern, but this option is also worth trying. You can also make a different hairstyle or even try on a hat, add bracelet or brooch. Actually, this is what I did from the time these photos were taken: now a pair of small brooches, given by my husband, in the form of starfish is placed near the left shoulder of the dress. A wonderful final chord, in my opinion.

Places and passwords :) Not many today, but still:
  • Ring - Emerald Flame Crafts. I have made such a blue-green glass that fits a half of my wardrobe almost by accident, and since then it is one of my favorite jewelry pieces. You can find other rings here.
  • Dress - BB Style. I wanted a dress like this for a long time, but it appeared to be a challenge to buy a jersey with the warm colored stripes. Fortunately, it is not a problem that can not be solved, so after finding the pieces of leather that matched the fabric colors in the flea market, the idea was implemented. Although before that I only once had an experience of working with jersey, and, frankly, it wasn't too successful, the dress came out as desired. Hopefully, in the future, I will add few more jersey pieces to my achievements.
  • Bag - Flea Market. I bought it in not very good condition, but a little cleaning and easy modernization using a trim from the same fabric as the dress, have put the necessary gloss on pretty good, though an old thing. 

That's all so far, I hope it was a bit useful. To be continued, so stay tuned :)

P.S. Ukrainian version is here.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Coral and fossil mother-of-pearl

The theme of the traditional Ukrainian jewelry and its modern reinvention does not want to leave me. Two of my latest works came from it: a set inspired by authentic coral necklaces, and a pale necklace with a touch of retro, infused by the ancient jewelry with the fossil mother-of-pearl, custom made specifically to fit one of the suits of the future wonderful collection.

The coral set - bright, vivid, with metal elements - was created exclusively for the charity auction in favour of my friend Maxim, who is struggling with the blood cancer. So if you like the magic combination of the artisan glass (including based on the materials of the Ukrainian production), natural coral, glass beads and silver-plated findings, you can purchase these necklace and earrings here and thus help a good man.

Second piece I want to show today is a short retro-styled necklace, inspired by traditional Ukrainian jewelry with the fossil mother-of-pearl. Made from the artisan glass beads (which are based on the Ukrainian glass), river pearls, kaholonhu, agate, and vintage brass findings to fit the "first swallow" of the future collection by ZETA atelier, which is too early to announce, but can already be expected. (The photo is a bit unfortunate, but I hope to show the necklace in all its glory later.)

I suppose that soon you will see something more modern-traditional here. For although such jewelry pieces demand careful matching of materials and thinking through design, and take too long to be made, however, certainly give encouragement and inspiration for other works. So will appear out of my hands farther more :)

Ukrainian version is here.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Get Styled!: issue No 4

Spring came quickly - perhaps because I met it in several different countries :) Almost a month tour around Europe ended in my native Kyiv, which I left nearly in winter, and met with young greens and flowers. And yet - with the relatively warm weather, which allows to forget about the coat and boots, and recall the mood with a slight retro touch.

Why does it work? First of all, the general silhouette that successfully highlights the advantages of such a figure, "arrow" on the eyes, boat neck of the pullover together with pointed ballerina shoes, and lush, below the knee, striped skirt refer to the bright 50s and a little bit to a style of the heroine of "Stilyagi" movie, Polza, although in my case the costume colors are not so bright. However, a simple hairstyle, chains that are popular again and organic ring create a thoroughly modern context, loudly saying that it is not a reconstruction, but the modern quotation. Certain elements - "active" buckles on the shoes, chains, and a bag in a form of the black cat, even though it comfortably rolled up in a ball - the hint that this girl is not the fragile figure of the cited age, and may cope alone well. So the whole look is definitely feminine but strong. Exactly what is the topical as ever today.

What can be changed? Perhaps the only one thing. If to change the ballerina shoes to the retro shoes or sandals with medium height heels, the emphasis on femininity will be stronger, but the silhouette will pull over as well, adding slenderness to the feet and the look in general. That is quite important for the girls of my type of figure.

Places and passwords :) So:
  • Ring - Emerald Flame Crafts. I like such glass pattern very much. You can find a similar one here.
  • Chains - Family Treasures. Once, very long ago I was given them to perform as the Gypsy Girl in the New Year performance in kindergarten. Since then I tenderly love them :)
  • Bag - Artisan, handmade by Мастерская Александры TildaS. The story of when sometimes you want to have a cat, you can make a bag of its shape, and put the phone with vibration into it to almost feel it purrs! But even without this story, I have a wonderful small bag that fits perfectly to the vintage looks. Recommend the craftsman!
  • Skirt - Flea Market. I bought it for its a little ethnic character, but found quite bright retro colors - and a wonderful companion including for the cooler weather, to wear with hat and short coat. 

That's all so far, I hope it was a bit useful. To be continued, so stay tuned :)

P.S. Ukrainian version is here.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Corals for mother-in-law

Once upon a time there was a coin in the old dresser, an imitation of the ancient one, once given to the mother-in-law at work. And the desire of the jewelry lover to have a modern version of the traditional coral necklace in her casket - red, like the poppies in summer. And there also was an old necklace that had torn and wasn't worn as some of the beads had got lost, and a strand of the deep red corals. And to all - the daughter-in-law who makes glass beads and skillfully assembles jewelry. What's with all that happened? This is what!

A little bit of the Ukrainian glass, some Italian - and a set of glass beads is ready. Add to it the old corals, a coin as Dukach, and small beads from the old jewelry, supplement them by small glass beads, bright corals, copper findings and cotton ribbons - and a set of jewelry is ready to be worn: a luxury five strand necklace, earrings, and bracelet.

My mother-in-law prefers jewelry sets, so I planned all three pieces at once. The character they got is quite traditional but very modern so they can be worn either with the traditional embroidered or ordinary dresses. As for how they look like "in person", that's completely another story;)

Ukrainian version is here.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Sea in the hair

When one of my friends asked me to make "a sea that can be worn in the hair", I was intrigued. She wears dreads and asked for the beads with really large hole to put on them. I thought that normally holes in my beads are very smooth, therefore they can fall down from the hair, so I made separator with harder, dried grains so the inner side of the beads can have better cohesion with the dreads. And put corals, fish, shells and fantasy as the decoration on the outer side. These set of six dread beads is what I - and my friend I joined in my recent trip to Bali - got in the result :)

Currently, I have only copper dread beads to offer in the "Hair accessories" section of my Etsy shop. However, I'll definitely make few more experiments to create something interesting for those who prefer dreads, braids, and beard. So far I'd like to share my joy from the "sea in the hair" :)

One "little sea" more. After I got back from Bali, I decided to make few beads inspired by the ocean and coral reefs, and this focal sea bead is the first swallow among them. I already have few others in my head, so stay tuned, 'cause they will come up soon.


P.S. Ukrainian version is here.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Get Styled!: issue No 3

I know, that it's spring already, but the weather is not too warm in Kyiv now, so I feel myself free to show you one of my winter favourites today. I prefer warm coats for winter more than anything else, and this one is something I wanted to make for quite a while. The idea or this coat came to me few years ago, however, since the previous three winters or so were quite warm, it seemed that such coat is not too necessary at all. Nevertheless, last year I finally decided to make this project come true, found the fabrics I thought would fit the best, and... understood that I won't make it by my own only. The idea and materials chosen turned out to be too complicated for me, therefore, I looked for a professional tailor and luckily found Elena. I had an experience of working with the tailoring shops: for two times in my life I asked for help and in both cases got very poor realization, and after all decided not to use them at all. So you can understand my happiness when I found a professional, who can truly help with my idea. As a result, now I have this incredible coat with antique buttons found at the flea market.

The coat became my salvation for the winter outfits: I like to wear warm full skirts, and previously the narrow coat made them gather in one big fold just somewhere in front of the legs, while short jacket didn't warm up the lower part of the body. The skirt of this coat is half-full that allows wearing puffy skirts under it. The lining consists of three layers - backing cloth with a nice bird pattern, insulation 'Slimtex', and additional cotton fabrics to make sure that the coat can provide a good protection even in the coldest weather. The lining was made to be unfastened if necessary so the coat can be worn when the temperature is about 0°C. The inner side of the main fabrics imitates the fur and provides enough protection from the weather even without lining. We were shooting these photos during the last snowfall of the winter, and I felt too warm.

A few words about insulation 'Slimtex'. It's practical, very thin, lightweight, provides very good thermo-insulation and is made by Ukrainian manufacturer 'K.tex' located in Irpin near my native Kyiv. As I prefer to use Ukrainian materials whenever possible and support local manufacturers, this material was very attractive for me. I sewed a child blanket of it as well, and it turned our very nice as well. So highly recommend! :)

Why does the whole outfit work? First of all, the seams of the coat are mostly open and create a modern look of the quite old-fashion silhouette, while the chequered fabric appeals to a youth spirit in general. The antique buttons add an additional vintage spice to the coat, as well as - together with the same fabric used - connect the coat with the bag that appeals to the postman bags in the sense of shape and size. Light hat, scarf, and gloves lighten the whole outfit, while their color calls to the lightest stripes of the coat and bag. The hat creates enough volume to harmonize head with the puffy shape of the body in a coat. While accurate shoes do not create unnecessary 'weight' in the bottom.

Of course, there are no limits for the perfection: the shoes can be changed for the high, lighter boots to add completeness to the outfit.

Places and passwords :) So:
  • Earrings - Emerald Flame Crafts. You can find the same here.
  • Coat - BB Style with a help of professional tailor, and "featuring" Flea Market.
  • Bag - Mrs Baggins "featuring" Flea Market. After the coat was done, some fabrics have left, so I've made the big bag to fit the coat. The handle was found at the flea market: I like the idea of re-using of such elements very much.
  • Brooch on a bag - Artisan, handmade by my husband :) One of the best gifts ever, to be true.
  • Hat and scarf - Artisan, by Life like knitting. I adore her little - and big - knitted masterpieces and can't even count straight away how many of them are in my possession. Hats, scarfs, mitten gloves, pullovers, skirts... I and my relatives have plenty of them and still want more :)
  • Shoes - Flea Market. I've been looking for such shoes in the stores, but when I saw these at the flea market, realized that they can work even better. Brand new, with tags, they had been selling because of the wrong - for the previous owner - size. 

That's all so far, I hope it was a bit useful. To be continued, so stay tuned :)

P.S. Ukrainian version can be found here.

P.P.S. Elena, thank you very much once more!