Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Loyalty program

The sands are running out and recently I've found out that already two years have passed since I got acquainted with the wonderful world of glass:) To celebrate this great moment with you I've decided to change this blog and Facebook page a little bit (so stay tuned;)), and implement a loyalty program for those who choose EmeraldFlameCrafts.

So, what is it all about?

First. First of all, this loyalty program shows how much I'm glad to you all, my dear:) It's incredibly great that my pieces find their owners and lovely ears, necks, hands, etc. to bring their beauty into focus. My husband can confirm, I become happy every time someone buys something at my shop not because it gives me money, but because an item made by my hands finds a home and people to bring joy and pleasure to. Thank you for choosing EmeraldFlameCrafts and giving my pieces an opportunity to show themselves to the full!

Second. From now on when you make your first purchase at my shop, buying lampwork jewelry, findings or any other things - no matter what! - you become a participant of the loyalty program. It provides you with the opportunity to collect bonus points with each new purchase and use them for partial or even full payment for further purchases.

How does it work? Very simply! Your first purchase is already a start of the loyalty program. A little bit later, when EmeraldFlameCrafts gets its brand style, with the first order each buyer will get a special card; something like this:
Each participant will get unique participant number with this card, so all of his or her orders can be easily tracked. Etsy keeps the data about orders made at my shop, so all the bonuses can be easily calculated.

How are they calculated? If your first order costs more than $10, bonuses are charged right away. If not, they start to be charged after the second order. Shipping costs are not included in the calculations. Bonus points (each of them is equal $1) are charged for the full $20, $15 or $10 spent in this way:
While purchasing again at EmeraldFlameCrafts you can spend these bonus points while paying for the orders. Just contact me prior the checkout and I'll provide you with the proper coupon code. Bonus points spent are written off the card, but their accumulation keeps going on, 'cause you still make your purchase;) After you run up to $500 spent, accumulation does not work any more, but you get free shipping option and permanent 15% discount instead one and for all on all items, no matter is it a jewelry pieces, beads or something else.

Moreover, any one-time order that costs more than $75 is shipped for free.

Third. All my current clients became the participants of the loyalty program automatically and got the bonus points calculated on the '1 for the full 10' basis. During this week all of them will receive message about it with the mentioning of the bonus points they have.

Forth. So far all bonus points have no expiration date. However, with the beginning of the year 2014 you'll have a calendar year to spend them. For all new participants (and for all current clients after the end of the 2014) the one year expiration period will be calculated since the date of the last purchase. After this all the bonus points you had, but didn't spend will be written off.

Enjoy and stay with EmeraldFlameCrafts! ;)