Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wednesday Mood Board

Sometimes people ask me where do I get an inspiration for my creativity. It's really hard to name one source as I draw it from everything around me! But what I can do is to share the mood of the results of this inspiration with you :)

From now on every Wednesday I'm going to show you mood boards featuring jewelry, findings and other items that are sold at my Emerald Flame Crafts shop on Etsy. It won't be only some nice pictures, it also will be a chance to get to know with few Etsy craftsmen or vintage shops and interesting blogs. Though nice photos will be present as well :) So enjoy the first mood board and stay tuned waiting for new ones!

1. Garland by tuckandbonte
2. Porcelain creamer by EbyglassETC
3. Blue moon pumpkin photo by Carla Dyck Photography
4. Glacier, Greenland; photo from
5. 10 sky blue envelopes by pfspapergoods
6. Snowflake shaped ear posts by Emerald Flame Crafts
7. Phased Yoke Pullover by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence
8. Blue winter photography by CarolynCochrane
9. Blue and white dress by FreePeoples
10. Photo by Sparkles and Pretending