Saturday, 1 March 2014

February'14: new in beads

Winter is gone and summer becomes closer.

It's first day of spring today, but EmeraldFlameCrafts would like to show what was new in beads in February. So let's start from avesome really summer-like handmade lampwork glass set. Beads in this set are made of teal (turquoise) blue, coral (salmon) and ivory colored glass with different patterns (all beads are different). Wonderful sea palette only for you!

To bare in mind winter colors try these light blue and gray beads set. Simple and useful. Make your own jewelry!

To feel warmth of the home fire, just touch this wonderful pair of red colored handmade lampwork glass beads. The color is not just red, but variegated. Simple and useful, great for earrings.

If you are ready to feel really spring colors, try these gorgeous beads. It's a set of five handmade lampwork beads made of ivory colored glass with green, yellow, ivory and gray free designs.