Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wednesday Mood Board

1. Hand-painted decorative black and white ceramic bowl by TheBlackbirdSings
2. Open back backless jersey gown by FROCKLosAngeles
3. Edible black bird feathers by andiespecialtysweets
4. Double brooches in form of flying flower birds by linnwarme
5. 'The Dance', fine art by galleryzooart
6. Set of seven black and fine silver handmade lampwork glass beads by Emerald Flame Crafts
7. Presse Papier by N'Omades authentic
8. 'Enter the Dragon', work by Yeni Mao (brass, enamel, wood, resin, ceramic figurine, mirror; 2009)
9. Geometric paper sculptures by thevintagevoguestory
10. Isolated black and red house, Iceland by EyePoetryPhotography