Wednesday, 27 August 2014

August'14: new in beads

Summer is almost gone and autumn starts inspiring with its gorgeous colors. But vacation time do not allow to forget about sea and its shapes and shades as well! EmeraldFlameCrafts adore colors of all seasons and would like to show what was new in beads in August. It was a month full of new arrivals, and first of all I'd like to show you this wonderful handmade lampwork glass set of thirteen beads. They are made of teal (turquoise) blue, mustard green, mustard yellow and purple (plum) colored glass with different patterns - all beads are different! They remind me about harvest and bright autumn sky.

This single organic handmade lampwork glass bead is wonderful with its free designs of true autumn shades. Made of glass that contains silver, it's really one-of-a-kind and can be used as a pendant.

For brighter colors try this set of nine organic lentil shaped handmade lampwork beads made of lime green and ivory colored glass, accompanied with lime green colored spacer beads. They are like a last touch of a summer!

For summer days worth remembering try this single sea inspired bead. It's lentil shaped bead made of turquoise (teal) blue, ivory and silver colored glass, with murrine glass patterns. Simple and useful, great for pendant or other jewelry.

Here are set of nine organic lentil shaped handmade lampwork beads made of white and dark blue colored glass, accompanied with four similar colored spacer beads. Big beads are with spiral pattern on both sides. Something tribal styled for your crafts.

If you prefer tenderness, try this set of eleven round beads made of transparent, deep blue and white colored glass with swirl pattern, accompanied with dark blue spacers. Lovely and gentle, they can easily adorn any nautical outfit.

Try this set of two puffy handmade lampwork beads made of light blue and purple glass in organic style. Nice and simple, they can become great pair of summer earrings.

If you like primitive, organic style, take a look at these seven beads. They are made of pale rose (pink) and purple colored glass and remind of gentle summer sunsets.

Do you like rainbows? I definitely do! This time I want to present you one simple set of seven beads made of rainbow colored semi-transparent glass: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue and violet. You can easily use them for any crafts and jewelry making.

The last one among new arrivals are five organic lentil shaped handmade lampwork beads made of red colored glass (the color is not just red, but variegated), accompanied with two similar colored spacer beads. Big beads are covered with sterling silver on both sides.