Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Featuring in the Soda Lime Times

EmeraldFlameCrafts is going into media) One of my pieces has been featured in the October issue of a wonderful magazine about lampwork bead making and for lampwork beadmakers, Soda Lime Times! Thanks to everyone involved, especially Diane Woodall, it's Managing Editor.

Soda Lime Times is a magazine filled with informative, entertaining and educational content by well known beadmakers worldwide. It's a source of inspiration and knowledge for those that use lampwork beads to make jewelry; and, a feast for the eyes for those that admire the art of glass bead making. It also contains multiple Step-by-Step Tutorials, included in each issue, that range in difficulty from beginner to intermediate skill levels, and beyond; with techniques, materials and protocols covered in detail. Either you're a lampworker or just an admirer, you definitely would like to subscribe for it!

As for my piece featured in the Octiber issue, it is a one-of-a-kind boho statement necklace with copper chain, terracotta, mustard yellow, ivory and brown handmade lampwork beads, vintage wooden beads, handmade copper beads and seed beads. There's a short story about it in the magazine issue. If you like it, you can still find it at my Etsy shop ;)