Saturday, 20 September 2014

Halloween is coming!

Are you ready for Halloween? 'Cause EmeraldFlameCrafts definitely is! I have plenty of nice little glass pumpkins for you, made especially for this merry holiday. Handmade with love and fun, they can become a great gift, supply or part of the Halloween party. First of all I'd like to show you this wonderful lampwork glass set of ten beads. They are made of mustard yellow and transparent grass green colored glass. Each bead has two decorative tendrils. They look like the most lovely autumnal pumpkins to me.

For brighter colors try this set of ten lovely pumpkin shaped lampwork beads. They are made of dark orange and grass green colored glass. Each bead has one decorative tendril. OOAK, simple and useful.

You may also like another kind of pumpkin shaped beads - with more Halloween spirit in them! These ten lampwork beads are handmade of dark yellow glass and have one decorative black colored tendril each.

If you prefer really dark Halloween, try these black and orange colored lampwork beads. These little pumpkins with one tendril each can make your Day of All Saints incredible and spooky. Boo!

Oh, and if you are not interested in craft supplies, but looking for Halloween styled jewelry, you should take a look at these pair of earrings made of black and light orange colored handmade lampwork beads and gold plated findings. They are nice and spooky enough at the same time, and worth wearing at the Halloween eve!