Thursday, 30 October 2014

October'14: new in beads

Autumn is in its middle and gorgeous fall colors keep me inspired. I hope you like this season as much as I am, 'cause EmeraldFlameCrafts would like to show some October inspired beads. First of all let me show show you this wonderful handmade lampwork glass set of two beads. They are lentil shaped and made of red, coral, orange, yellow, ivory, terracotta and gray colored glass (nine colors in general). Patterned similarly on both sides! Simple and useful, great for earrings, they show the beauty of fall colors.

This organic handmade lampwork set of ten beads is wonderful with its bright autumnal spots and pillow shapes. Made of of ivory, mustard yellow, red, terracotta, yellow, orange and coral colored glass, they can be a great base for a fall styled jewelry.

To feel the spirit of October night try this set of two organic lentil shaped handmade lampwork beads made of black, gray (grey) and silver colored glass. Silver spiral pattern is on one side only, but doesn't make them less beautiful and precious.