Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Copper & seads

Christmas and New Year is so close that it's about time for something new and extraordinary. I think EmeraldFlameCrafts managed to surprise you with three new listings not connected with the glass.

First of all would like to show this set of ten copper beads 3 cm long. They are handmade etched solid copper recycled beads, eco-friendly and great for tribal or rustic jewelry making!

If the previous beads seem too long, you can try another set of ten copper beads 2 cm long, made the same way and from the same materials. Simple and useful, they can add a nice copper touch into your crafting projects.

To feel the true natural spirit just take a look at this set of 25 beads made of natural tamarind seeds! These are handmade organic beads made of natural tamarind seeds, of dark red brown or dark oxblood color. Wonderful, trendy and nature-friendly!