Friday, 30 January 2015

DIY: Hyacinths in the adorned jars

When it's cold, grey and unpleasant outside, it's so great to see bright colors of hyacinths - pink, blue, lilac, white and others - before your window. Imagine, you drink your morning coffee and feel the scent of these lovely flowers. What can be better? Do you want to feel it too? Try to, it's easy!

You'll need:
- bulbs of hyacinths
- jars or other glass containers
- lace, ribbons or any other trim
- two-side sticky tape
- scissors
- glass or ordinary stones
- water
- patience :)

First of all, wash the jars well and dry them up. It is better to take deeper containers, 'cause hyacinths grow tall, and under their own weight can fall down. You can use any jars you want, not necessary for one bulb each only. Three bulbs planted in one container, for example, look greatly too. Just make sure there's enough place for all of them to sprout.

Decide where do you want your trim to be placed and use sticky tape to form a circle around the jars there. Try to stick one end to another to form an accurate base for the adornment.

Now take the pieces of lace, ribbons and other trim and put them over the sticky tape. Again, try to stick one end to another and make sure you covered the base completely. Push the trim a little bit throughout the base to glue it well.

Now, take the glass or ordinary stones to create the base for the bulbs. It is needed for stable position of the plants inside the containers when they grow: roots need something to hold for. You can forget about the base if you have a container with a narrow neck (vase or jar) of the same size as the bulbs themselves, so the roots can freely "hang" inside the container, while the bulbs stay on the top, outside.

Now it's time for the bulbs. Some advise to hold them in the refrigerator a day before planting, but I missed this step and still got great result. I also didn't hold the containers with the bulbs in the shade for two weeks before placing them into the sunlight, but it's up to you. As for the bulbs, it's better to take those that have no sprouts yet. However, bulbs like mine in this example are good enough as well for growing in the water (in this case you can also save the bulbs that are usually thrown away as the non-liquid goods in the shops). Simply put the bulbs inside the jars, roots downwards.

Add some water to cover the bottom of the bulbs, put the jars to the window sill and... wait :) Depending on the weather, it may take two or even few weeks for flowers to grow up and start blossoming. Keep an eye on the water level! Always add water, as the bulbs drink it well, or even change it to avoid rooting.

When hyacinths start blossoming, enjoy wonderful colors and scent! However, as the scent can be too intensive, make sure you ventilate the room well, and be careful with putting them in the bedroom and nursery.

When hyacinths stop blossoming, cut off the flower stalks and wait till the leaves wither. After that leave the bulbs without water until they dry out, remove the dried leaves and roots, and hide the bulbs in a dry, dark place. A year later they can be got out again and give you some bright colors and pleasant moments once more :)


P.S. You can try to do the same with any bulbous plants, although hyacinths and daffodils are the best option.