Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Starting a new year

Holidays are gone, so it's time for plans, inspiration and new challenges. Last year was hard and difficult here in Ukraine, and it surely affected my work. Nevertheless, I think that for EmeraldFlameCrafts it was quite productive and full of new horizons reached. So I definitely hope to reach even more this year ;)

Just before this new year came, I, as any craftsman before the holidays, had very hot period. Custom orders took plenty of time, and sometimes they were extremely solid, like this necklace above, that include about one hundred lampwork beads, each of which has a unique design. Or these bracelet and earrings, made for a good friend (copper elements are also handmade by me). But how great it was to make them!

Currently I'm preparing something new. I was thinking about it last autumn, and now I'm ready to move towards it and split my pieces into three different 'collections' to work on: woodland, ethnic boho and modern. First one means my famous acorns in the first place, of course. Like this one, inspired by winter, that became a gift for my far-away friend.

Second 'collection' is an extension of my 'Folklores', little life stories told by the assortment of beads. Like a necklace you see below, made for one person to keep memories about light blue waters of a lake near her home. I love composing such pieces very much! 

Speaking about the third collection... Well let it be a surprise! Anyway, I'm sure you'll like it ;)

Meanwhile, enjoy and stay tuned!