Wednesday, 11 February 2015

DIY: Simple watercolor Valentine's card

Want to give your Valentine something really special, but everything you find is quite boring and similar? Make a card by your own using watercolors! Don't be afraid of drawing, it can be fun and easy, trust me ;)

You'll need:
- watercolor paper (I used 13x18.5 cm)
- brushes (round are better)
- watercolor paints
- something to be used as palette (plate, for example, or egg holder, which I used)
- jar or other container for water
- water
- board
- painting edging tape
- paper towels
- sponge
- pencil and eraser (optional)
- some love :)

First of all, take your paper and fold it well to create a 'book'. This is how your card will be shaped. Then straighten it back and attach it to the board with painting edging tape covering about 1-2 mm on the edges of the paper. Remember that you draw only on one half of the paper, so place a tape over the bend in the middle as well. Moisten a sponge a little bit and wipe the paper to take away possible dust and get the paper prepared for drawing.

If you need or want to, draw a contour of your future heart. Push a pencil as gentle as you can, otherwise use eraser to lighten strokes. All you need is just a general idea of a shape. I preferred horizontal drawing, but you can try vertical if you like.

Now take your palette and add some magic :) Mix the paints to get desirable colors with a wet brush. Mind that in case of watercolor more water means less intensive tone. I used traditional red and other warm colors and tried to create gradient color range for farther ombre effect, but it's up to you what colors to choose.

Start with filling your heart with color. Don't worry if the color isn't flat! It's even better if you have free designs and different tones and shades. Feel free to use extra water to smudge the paint or wipe it off by a paper towel if you think that your drawing is too wet.

Leave a clean area to create a highlight on one side of the heart and add deeper or darker colors on the way from it to the opposite side to mark shades. After that use all your 'handmade' tones to create ombre splashes of colors around your heart: simply brush the strokes of different colors and mix them on the paper using water. If during the process some drops of paint get to another part of the sheet, don't worry and add some more to make a nice back side of the card.

Let the drawing dry out, then fold it as a card and put under the press (few books, for example) for a day or so to make it even. Then take it out and write the warmest words or anything else you like, and give it to your Valentine :)