Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Woodland jewelry: acorns

As I've promised in the beginning of this year, now all my jewelry pieces are split into three different 'collections', you should notice it at my Etsy shop, EmeraldFlameCrafts. The first one I put my hands to is a woodland styled collection, full of gently beloved acorns.

As you may know, most of my acorns are brooches. I had an experience of making couple of pendants with them, like a green one I showed at my Facebook page last year. However, they were more like exceptions, rather than a trend. But when it came to the expansion of the woodland collection, I suddenly realized that I need to make few acorn pendants! So I did, and now you can find these lovely pastel acorn pendants at my shop. If you're preparing for the wedding, they can become great bridesmaid adornment ;)

While working on pendants, I thought it would be great if there were oak leaves together with the acorns (remember green pendant? it looked great with that galvanized leaf). I must admit, at the first moment I was ready to buy some from another craftsman. But the very next morning I thought 'Hey! Are you a craftsman or what? Aren't you going to become a real jeweler one day?' and decided to make them by myself. As a result, all copper oak leaves in my pendants, including this mustard green acorn pendant with vintage ceramic beads, are of my own production. I was very inspired while working on them!

Of course, I couldn't stay aside of traditional brooches and made couple of new: these amber colored brooch and lovely grey one you can see below (it will appear at my shop tomorrow). I work on few more interesting woodland pieces, so keep patience ;)

Meanwhile, you may like some of my older pieces still available at my shop in the 'Woodland jewelry' section. They are as nice as the new ones and are ready to ship as well.

Enjoy and stay tuned!