Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Large hole beads

You could have noticed that together with the rearrangement of my Emerald Flame Crafts shop on Etsy in sense of jewelry collections, I also rearranged its bead part and added a new section, Large hole beads. There you can find one-of-a-kind European styled beads in form of donuts, with a hole starting from 5 mm / 0.2''. Like, for example, this set of three beads made of metallic purple (dark violet) glass, decorated with real silver foil and silver included glass.

You can also see there a set of three cranberry pink beads, also decorated with silver. I love their rich, tasty color and hope you'll like them too. Sometimes glass is so beautiful that do not need anything to cover it's pure beauty.

You can also remember these lovely beads with a snake skin pattern, made of ivory and grass green colored glass. Simple and nice, that can become a wonderful company for your European styled bracelet or for any jewelry with thick base.