Wednesday, 22 April 2015

DIY: Floral headband

Some people say that floral headbands are the passed fashion already, but I still like them and wanted to make a light colored piece for one of my summer outfits. Moreover, such headbands are part of Ukrainian national traditions, so I guess I can wear them with no connection to fashion at all. Anyway, I had a lot of fun while making it and decided to share this great spring experience with you today. :)

You'll need:
- paper roses (20 pieces) with wire tails
- paper leaves (10 pieces) with wire tails - you can choose color that fits roses or something more bright and contrast
- freshwater pearls (about 10)
- silver tone ball-pins
- metal headband base
- cotton ribbon
- threads
- needle
- scissors
- some spring mood :)

First of all, take a ribbon and cut a piece that is long enough to cover the headband base and tie in a nice bow under your hair when the headband is on your head. Hem the ends of the ribbon to make them look good and avoid unloosening.

Wrap the ribbon over the base and saw it up accurately leaving the ribbon after the end of the base free. This will fasten the ribbon, hide the base and give your headband a nice look.

Take your flowers and set them around the base part in any order you like to get an idea of how you want your headband to look like. Then simply wrap their wire tails around the base, making sure that the buds and wire sit tightly to the base, and the ends of the wire do not stick out and won't scratch you when the headband is on.

Now choose which side of your headband is the front and add some leaves the same way you wrapped the roses. This will partly hide the wire tails of the flowers and add some greens to your flower crown.

After that you can add freshwater pearls. Put each pearl on the ball-pin, and then wrap it over the headband base wherever you like to add gentle touches (I put the pearls on the front, between the paper leaves).

That's all! You can put your headband on your head, tie a nice bow behind and have fun.