Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Today I'm very glad to show you my new necklace "Coraly" from the Folklores series of jewelry, inspired by Ukrainian folk traditions and ethnic jewelry of different peoples. "Coraly" is a traditional name for ancient necklace made of corals, so the basic material used in my necklace is natural coral. However, it's not the most interesting in it.

"Coraly" was made especially for the "Embroidery Ethnographic" - a project of recreation of ancient Ukrainian ornaments in embroidery, weaving, Easter eggs ('pysanky') and seed bead jewelry, inspired by ethnographic work with Ukrainian ornamentation "Ukrainian People's ornaments: embroidery, fabric, pysanky" (Kyiv, 1876) by Olena Pchilka. While working on the necklace, I set out to do it not just ancient samples alike, but to use patterns from the album by Pchilka. So copper "coins" are made by me personally with etching and embossing methods using drawings, typical for Volyn (one of the western Ukrainian regions) Easter eggs.

Glass beads were specially made in view of the ancient examples, so thanks to them my necklace has got a special, traditional look. It was very interesting to work on them, because it seemed like touching history! Other materials used in the necklace are wood, Czech glass, copper findings and satin ribbons.

And that's how necklace looks like on the "model" - a charming Tatiana, the main ideologist of the project. It seems that I've made a great work ;)

The necklace will appear at my Etsy shop soon.