Wednesday, 3 June 2015

DIY: electric fireplace stand

I've missed the traditional DIY post last month, but not because I had nothing to show you. That's because I have a big project to share :) This time it's something I've made together with my husband - or, I'd better to admit, I only helped him, while the main work was his.

Everything started when we decided to add some warmth into our living room and bought an electric fireplace (it's on the picture below). We couldn't leave it as it is and decided to create a stand. And that's what I'm going to tell you about.

You'll need (I won't write precise measurements as they depend on the fireplace you have):
- pine for a framework (rails and stiles)
- plywood (3 pieces) for face panels
- wood glue (we used Titebond)
- white and golden paint, brushes
- instruments: router and circular saw for shaping the wood (we used Festool Router OF 1010 and Circular saw TS 55), eccentric sander (we used Festool Eccentric sander ETS 150/3); hand tools and "self made" mortise/tenon jig similar to Leigh FMT

First of all, measure your fireplace and draw a sketch of the stand you're going to create (that was my part, and after that my husband was in charge). Than make a pattern of its parts and cut wooden elements due to it. Take a note: if you want a fireplace to stand upper than floor, there should be a wooden bed for it inside the stand on the proper height; also remember about plinth behind the stand while cutting the stiles. Create nice shapes for molding and flutes on the side stiles. Remember to create mortise and tenon joints for all corners for stronger construction. Polish all parts for smooth surface and straight edges. Glue everything up, tight them well for nice and strong joint, and wait till it dries up. Make sure to wipe out all excess glue before it sets up.

Polish everything ones more to make sure that there's no any glue on the surfaces and near joints. Add a stand top and glue it up. Again, delete all excess glue and polish added details after the glue is set up.

Now you have a basic wooden stand. If a wood you've used has some defects, you'll need to efface them with special putty before painting the stand.

Cover all stand with white paint twice making sure you didn't miss any hollow or projection (this is when I joined the process again :)). Wait till it dries up and add the fireplace. Add a hole for a cable if you need or simply hide it under the plinth.

Add a little bit of gold color by painting the flutes. Check how do the electric parts work before final placing and hide all the cables (the photos below were made before that).

That's all! You can place your stand in the room, add some cute family photos on it and have a nice evening with safe and bright fire and warmth.