Thursday, 6 August 2015

Pins? Pins... Pins!

I am writing this post for couple of month already, and still couldn't publish it. I was waiting for the moment when all eight sets of pins I make will be available at my shop. However, they are sold quite quickly, so I can't catch that magic moment and can't stand of sharing them with you any more :)

What pins am I telling about? Well, first there used to be a simple set of rainbow colored pins. Then I had few orders of very different colors, as well as about usual rainbow set, and after some time I've decided to create few different sets, each in one color scheme. That's how I've got these seven little miracles.

And altogether :) You can find some of them from time to time in the 'Other lampwork findings' section at my Etsy shop.

So, what are they for? Oh, I guess they can be used almost for everything! Just take a look at these examples: these great pieces were made by other artists, who bought them, and me. I'm really glad to share with you a variety of forms and imagination :)

 by Emerald Flame Crafts (available at my Etsy shop)

by Emerald Flame Crafts (available at my Etsy shop)