Wednesday, 29 June 2016

About one brooch

The best gift is the one that is made by your own hands. If these hands know how to make a couple of things, the choice is easy :) Instead of choosing between the options, you think for some time, draw sketches, look at what you've made, then run to the familiar masters of electroforming for extra pieces, throw all the sketches off and assemble - with inspiration, simply and from the heart - this brooch.

Now I'll start from the beginning. Everything began to turn after one difficult and at the same time everyday question: what to give to mother-in-law for 60 anniversary? I wanted something really unique, interesting and at the same time close to her heart. I knew her love of flowers, and especially roses, so the idea to do something with them appeared. Yellow, orange, and green are her favorite colors, so the first step was for them: three flowers of different sizes and two buds.

Then my usual glass pins of different colors and pins in the form of leaves of three types were added to the flowers put on the copper wire. I rolled four sprigs of leaves from the leaf pins, but this was clearly not enough. Luckily, I visited the Galvan-art and got few electroformed (covered with the copper) elements by them: sprigs of the cherry, a twig with thorns and leaves of a fern.

Then... Then was a long process of gathering all pieces together. Laborious, involving copper wire, and incredibly interesting, because, by rejecting preliminary sketches, I trusted in the materials themselves, and it was quite nice. And the result - here it is: not just few flowers, but the whole bed! Bright and unique posy, actually made from only two materials - glass and copper. Well, alright, from a little inspiration and respect as well)

It was nice to manage to work in a new technology (or rather, finally to use the achievements in it), creating quite beautiful flowers, and a relatively new material (electroformed elements I used only twice, and only by one). Also, it was generally pleasant to realize what I wanted. Although many artisan pieces are somehow still associated with something very primitive and poor (but more on that later), craft was and remains a source of unique and truly one-of-a-kind works based on fantasy and skills. Which are not ashamed, but very appropriate to give to the loved ones as a gift at a truly important holiday. That's so)

P.S. Special thanks to the Galvan-art once more! Without your wonderful leaves and twigs, guys, this brooch wouldn't happen :)