Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Ceramic pranks

As you could notice from this blog or Emerald Flame Crafts page on Facebook, from time to time I take the clay into my hands trying to make something interesting or beautiful. These attempts, unfortunately, are quite episodic, though I still have hope that one day I will have more time for creative work and my home fill up with cups, plates, beads, spoons, coasters and all other stuff my heart desires to do. So far I have to drag the inspiration kicking and screaming and enthusiastically make, for example, mmm... such decorative plate :)

Those who are familiar with me more or less know how I respect the Japanese culture, especially its external manifestations. The oriental style even became a part of my home and sneaked to the wardrobe, and although I have almost nothing really Japanese (well, alright, my summer robe is a real kimono, I confess), I come back, again and again, for the inspiration to the Country of the Rising Sun. This time, I also failed to pass the mentioned sun, carp and traditional ornament for the image of water. The result - here it is, made of clay, glazes, engobes and four nights of hard work.

A little bit earlier those same meticulous hands made such a mug in antique style for my mom (oh, those "snails", trying to crack all the time!), and tried to create a spoon with the help of a husband (if you didn't know, everything related to the woodworking in our family is his handiwork). The glaze has cracked on the spoon, and the handle happened to be too small for quite heavy clay piece, though it still found a place in our home.

If, after looking at these ceramic pranks, you found yourself wishing to also have something nice, tactile, earthy indeed, I advise you to look into my Etsy shop and pay attention to the ceramic ornaments - milk fired and glazed - and minimalistic beads made of white clay.


Moreover, little by little I'm preparing a small surprise - new beads of red clay. So stay tuned ;)