Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Ethnic & folk jewelry

As you might know, I prefer to divide my jewelry into several series due to a general style of the pieces. One of them is Folklores series, inspired by Ukrainian folk traditions and ethnic jewelry of different peoples. You could see some of them in "Boho & tribal jewelry" section at my Etsy shop. However, recently I had the inspiration to create something really unique, precious, valuable and expensive, based only on ancient Ukrainian jewelry pieces and historical examples. Now, finally, I took the liberty of offering them to my customers and started a new section "Ethnic (folk) jewelry". Note, that part of the money gained for the pieces from this section will be transferred to charity.

This is me, by the way :)
The first one necklace, "Coraly", with handmade lampwork beads and handmade copper elements, you could see in one of the older posts in this blog. It's one of a kind, truly unique blood red Ukrainian folk necklace made in a style of historical, antique examples of so called 'Coraly' - ancient coral necklaces. This ethnic necklace has four strands.


The second one, a jewelry set "Amber" that includes a gorgeous olive & mustard green and brown necklace and earrings. One of a kind, totally unique Ukrainian folk necklace made in a style of historical, antique examples of 'Coraly' and Venetian glass necklaces. Made of own handmade lampwork glass beads (more than 150 pieces!!!), consists of 7 strands and ends up with two brass strand disks, encrusted with own handmade lampwork glass cabochons. Also, natural amber, onyx, cat's eye, olivine (chrysolite) beads, seed beads and brass findings were used to create it, as well as artisan brass cross as a central element and cotton ribbons as strings for length regulation.


Unlike "Coraly", "Amber" is made for more matured, married women. It's quite heavy, not so bright and "young", suits better for more conservative attire and age. Moreover, it is believed that amber brings health and improves the woman's face, so this set will not be superfluous in a jewelry box of trendy young woman. "Amber" is powerful and pure, and recalls the warm days of late autumn or early winter, when the ground is not covered with loose snow blanket and filled with pale brownish-green colors.

One more item for today. When I have an unusual, nostalgic mood and meet something really inspirational, I stop doing anything else but thinking of one incredibly sophisticated idea. This time, it was traditional Ukrainian headpiece and an idea of making modern version. So I've got paper flowers alike I used for my floral headband project, made some purple beads and... now I have such colorful comb :) Not for sale, but I can create something similar - as it's totally Ukrainian folk piece too!