Friday, 2 September 2016

Get Styled!: about the project

Get Styled! is not about fashion trends and new brands; not about where to buy and when the discounts are the most attractive; and certainly not about what should definitely be in your wardrobe this season and how to dress trendy. Get Styled! is an assistant project for those who are in search of - their style, preferences, and true self. And especially for girls with forms and those, for whom artisan work, family treasures, vintage, "flea market" finds and pieces created by own hands have absolute value, helping to create a true individuality.

The idea of this project appeared more than a year ago, but all this time it could not be crystallized. Perhaps it expected the last month when three interesting conversations happened with completely different people on topics that pushed the final understanding of why, what and for whom it has held. For me, it was unexpected to hear that, despite so many positive examples and growth of the quality of the goods made by craftsmen and mini-factories in recent years, many girls still believe that "artisan" and small production are something "cheap, simple and imperfect" and in general "for the fans only". The same with the vintage, family treasures (especially of the ethnic character) and "flea markets": "all these are only for geeks, hipsters, folk addicted and mad." While making something that is wanted by own hands is even beyond good and evil. And there is also the mantra that girls with forms can't buy anything that fits them well...

Actually, this is what I want to "talk" about in the Get Styled! project, including through personal example. I can not say that I noted connoisseur of fashion or ultimate truth, but the rigorous and sometimes painful search of clothes that not just fit, but also emphasize - features of my figure, outlook, tastes and inspiration - has 'grounded' me well. Also, occasionally I want to share experiences and make the world around a little bit more beautiful, at least in this way. And I'd like to share my joy from the fact that almost every day I am given an inspiration by the things, lovingly made by Ukrainian craftsmen, and spread the word about some of these people. Perhaps, a multidirectional statement a little bit, but I think you are soon to realize that there's a power in it :)

Few statements. First. I love fur. Very. Especially that one of red and gray stripes that comes to me early in the morning, sticks her wet nose into my neck and almost politely asks if I want to wake up to feed her and play a little bit. I will never buy a fur coat, as there are adequate modern materials to substitute for it. But I understand that some natural conditions make think about fur hats and coats on feathers and that better and more enduring material for shoes than leather is not yet invented (I know about PU skin, try to switch to it, but, unfortunately, operating conditions sometimes put it under a question). And I believe that the fur things that have already got into your home thanks to the efforts of your grandparents or parents, and may well serve for at least few more years, should not stay dying on the mezzanine, because this is the worst fate for them. To use fur and leather items as long as possible is not a whim, but a kind of obligation and gratitude.

Second. Actually, to use any things as long as possible is not just a Western trend that is gradually gaining momentum, but the logic of prudent consumption. Appropriate washing and storage, as well as timely repair prolong life of things. And when it is impossible to use them due to their direct purpose, you can take a look at one of the various recycling or "giving second life" projects. In this regard, I adore a Japanese tradition in which the top kimono is worn to the point when it only can be unripe and partly used for making or repairing other items of garments (such as children's clothes), creating screens, handbags, dolls and so on. Every last piece goes into work, and this is a great example of the rational use of resources, in my opinion.

Third. Own art or craft work not only allows you to do exactly what you want, but it is an inspiration in itself. Because you can do nothing but get inspired by magical results of your work, feel that incomprehensible pleasure of completion of the painstaking project. So I invite not to fear every way of using needles, hooks, clay or something else, not necessarily associated with a cloth or jewelry, but definitely creative. At least artistic way of strewing coffee foam with chocolate;)

And now few tags to make it a little easier to navigate in the project:
  • Emerald Flame Crafts - actually, this is a page you are on :) I am a lampworker - craftsman working in the artistic glass processing technology, although occasionally experimenting with other materials and types of work, which are I try to write about here and in Ukrainian version of the blog. If you see the label "Emerald Flame Crafts" in the post, it means that certain elements of jewelry or costume are the work of my imagination and hands.
  • Mrs Baggins - a name I invented for not very active project of making textile bags, backpacks, etc. So far it only applies to my own bags, although I hope to give it a significant push in the next year or two. In the meantime, I will mark self-created accessories with it.
  • BB Style ('big boobs' style) - a tag specifically for full-bosomed girls who can keep the needle in their hands, or rather know how to use the sewing machine, and maybe even zigzagger. I will mark with it all personally created items in my wardrobe.
  • Family Treasures - a label to mark things that were sewn by my mother, or at least 10 years old, and which are still used in my family.
  • Artisan - perhaps the most interesting notation, because with its help I will note a talented and skilled craftsmen, who create not just things, but true magic with their hands. Of a wide variety, any material, but definitely with a positive energy!
  • Local - mark for Ukrainian mini-factories and, sometimes, manufacturers of larger volumes. We should know ours!
  • Folk - special mark for dearly beloved treasures of Ukrainian traditional clothes.
  • Flea Market - finds from the "flea market", usually vintage or just interesting and unusual, and sometimes antique.

That's all in brief. It remains only to begin to tell you the stories that are still hidden by some things that we use every day. First post of the project is coming soon, so stay tuned ;)