Thursday, 20 October 2016

Get Styled!: issue No 1

While I was looking for the time and inspiration (and catching a photographer), the cold part of autumn has come. But today it's still desirable to catch its last warm days and pay homage to the bright colors. As well as to the present comprehension of the ethnic style that fascinates and inspires me for several years already. I confess, that recently I have managed to finally pick two traditional costumes, restoring some old stuff, but in everyday life I am for moderate and modernized using of the traditional elements. This does not mean that you should run, look for old shirts, cut off the embroidery and sew it to the new dress or bag, as, unfortunately, some vandals from the fashion do. However, if there is a scarf half eaten by the moth in your family chest, which can not be restored, then why not give it a new life? I believe that, possibly, the same considerations led to the appearance of this skirt, around which the entire outfit was built.

Basically, everything is simple: the skirt is partially made from the old headscarf with a traditional pattern and per se creates the necessary image and attracts the eye with the brightness, and all that is needed is just to accompany it with the elements with minimalistic colors and textures. Of course, I could invent something more sophisticated, however, my motto is: "Less, but better". So here I have only three local lighter and weaker colors related to the bright red of the skirt - mustard yellow, milky-white and pale turquoise - that "resonate" with those used in the pattern of the former shawl. A traditional character of the skirt is emphasized by the copper jewelry in ethnic style, while the colors of the beads in the necklace also almost perfectly fit the overall palette. The result is a rather bright, modern, but certainly Ukrainian outfit.

Why does it work? First of all, a bright and relatively puffy skirt with a length of a little below the knee distracts from the massive "top" and forms an equal response below the waist. A thin belt of a contrast color against both the skirt and shirt emphasizes the fact that this lady definitely has a waist :) The open toes of the shoes add some ease, while the heels visually lengthen the legs, reducing the heaviness of the figure in general, that is crucial for curvy girls with a small stature like me. If your shins seem to look too heavy with the skirts of such length, the heels are simply crucial. A clear ethnic character of the skirt is diluted with the contemporary cut with pockets sewed over, making it relevant and modern, and allowing you to wear it every day, even with the ordinary office shirts.

Nevertheless, there are few things to improve: it would be better to choose a slightly smoother shirt with a feminine silhouette or made from a softer material, and less white, while the hair would look better with more volume. Then at the "top of all" the additional volume would be created to balance the large bosom even more, while the less "male" shirt, considering the soft lines of the body and especially the face, could soften the overall effect much better.

Now places and passwords :) So:
  • Necklace and earrings - Emerald Flame Crafts. Actually, I'm currently making another necklace to match these colors, and specifically this one is looking for a mistress, so perhaps it could become yours ;) You can read about it more here.
  • Shoes, skirt, bag - Flea Market. The shoes, concerning some signs, seem to be custom made (such completely new, not used items are extremely rarely, but still can be found at the flea market). The skirt is clearly has been sewn at home on an old sewing machine, which sometimes makes bad loops :) Its basic material and the former scarf differ significantly in structure and composition, but, surprisingly, behave nicely together in the skirt.
  • Wedding ring - Artisan by Sulik (Poland). In fact, my original wedding ring is different, but I'll tell about it next time. It is made of white gold and, as I enjoy copper jewelry much recently, just does not fit. In the case like this, I prefer to use an alternative: a copper, simple but balanced ring, which structure reminds two intertwined paths of life.

That's all so far, I hope it was a bit useful. To be continued, including some "retrospective" outfits. Weather dictates changes in wardrobe, but I still do not want to say goodbye to the warm memories. So stay tuned :)

P.S. Ukrainian version can be found here.