Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Large hole beads

When it comes to the large hole or European style beads, first of all, occurs bracelets and lovely charms you can wear on them. It's definitely great to get your own collection of memories and associations on your hand! However, large hole beads can also be worn on a chain as a pendant, on the leather or other cord, etc. No need to put yourself into limits, especially when you have an option of choosing among such wonderful artisan pieces you can find at my Etsy shop ;)

I know I'm boasting a little bit, but why shouldn't I if the autumn inspires with such bright colors, like those used in this set of two red, orange and yellow beads with silver plated eyelets. Warm autumnal tones, dotted pattern, and simple beauty - awesome claimant for being a part of your charms collection.

Autumn is also a harvest time, so I couldn't pass by the rich, gorgeous colors of autumnal berries and fruits. This set of three cranberry pink beads was made to celebrate the beauty of berry palette and therefore is adorned only with silver. A gorgeous simplicity for your collection.

This one custom ordered bead was made of ivory and violet glass, and now is worn by one account manager named Yulia as a pendant on a chain. By the way, silver plated eyelets, like the one used for this bead, are the good alternative for sterling silver findings for those who like to have lots of different charms, but has to stay on a budget.

This set of rich plum violet beads is sold already, but I still want to show it to you to emphasize the beauty of the fall inspired colors. Adorned only with silver, the same as the previous bead set, these beads are now in the USA.

This stunning bead was custom made of glass that contains silver and now is worn as a pendant by one of my colleagues, a graphical designer Nika. I believe it's the beast way to show the beauty and loveliness of both the bead and the talented girl.

If you prefer minimal style and black and white color palette, you'll definitely like these two sets of large hole beads. They are made with minimum decoration, and each set includes three beads to become a brilliant addition to your style.

And the last one, but only for today, is the ivory and green beads with a pattern that reminds a snake skin. Custom made for my friend Oksana, they are now meet the rising sun with her in Tallinn, Estonia. Oksana is a night bartender, so there are a lot of gorgeous sunrises in her life.