Thursday, 3 November 2016

Get Styled!: issue No 2

As I wrote previously, first there was a desire that had no any connection to the glass, due to the realization of which I found the appropriate fabric at the flea market and made not a plakhta, which is the traditional Ukrainian waist wear clothes, of it, but a straight skirt with a decorative wrapped over element. This style lets you carry it in everyday life, but as decoration and the fabric itself are quite authentic (in particular, the embroidery pattern, including executed in a corner of the fabric, was "borrowed" from a museum exhibit), a direct quote of ethnic traditions is still there. And to leave no doubt in it, the skirt is supplemented with a perfectly traditional belt named krayka, the remaining elements of the outfit are picked up in a completely modern way.

Green and orange-red are the colors, allowing faintly but accurately dilute gray and black shades, challenging the weather and landscape. Warm polo nack - a gift of mother-in-law - perfectly fits the skirt, while fashionable knitted cape (not a poncho, but such a tippet), designer brooch and shoes that show a mannered elegance of the legs give the best of today. A necklace specially made to fit the plakhta echoes the color of the belt as well. The black gloves and a small handbag in form of a cat add some coquetry. A checkered fabric of the plakhta is "reflected" with the texture of the necklace, while the rest of the materials used have not excessive, but a rough structure and gather together the whole array, supporting traditional and cozy, even home character (knitted fabric, soft suede, felted wool).

Why does it work? First of all, straight skirt with a wide belt and the polo neck create a relatively straight overall silhouette, distracting from the volume of the top. The presence of bright beaded necklace could contrary pay attention to the chest, but it is worn under the neck, so instinctively pulls the sign above the "unwelcome" point :) The checkered plakhta additionally drag attention to the lower body, and a wide belt, despite several layers of wrapping, emphasizes the waist. The calm colors of the accessories - gloves, boots, bags and even umbrella - and cape return the attention to the main 'eye-candy' of the outfit. The cape is short enough (to the widest part of the hips) to avoid creating the 'baggy' effect, emphasizing the slender lower body, for which the narrow shoes with high heels and a small, elegant platform also work. Traditional and relatively sedate base successfully diluted with quite modern, slightly naughty details: brooch and bag.

However, there are no limits for the perfection: it would be better to use bright lipstick and make a high hairdressing, for example, from braids to create more lengthen silhouette and emphasize both traditional and modern look.

Places and passwords :) So:
  • Necklace - Emerald Flame Crafts. You can read more about it in the previous post.
  • Skirt and cape - BB Style "featuring" Flea Market (and a little bit of Folk). Skirt, as already mentioned, is hand sewn by me from the traditional fabric for plakhta purchased at the flea market. I decorated it with the old woolen yarns and trim that 'live' quite a while at my home and most likely originating from the Soviet era. There as well, at the flea market, a cloak slightly beaten by the life was found. I wrapped off the unnecessary elements (unclear plate and partly unraveled pockets), sew back the loose seams, added big press studs - and a quite decent cape came out.
  • Belt, bag and brooch - Artisan.
    • Kyiv krayka with pompons, a traditional belt - by Nadija Prekrasna. Hand-made in a square: dyed and weaved. A nice rough texture, long, of magic color with fun pompons at the ends - it's just a holiday! Ordered to become a part of the traditional outfit, it perfectly complements casual wear as well. I highly recommend the craftsman! (And dream about man's belt.)
    • Bag - by Aleksandra TildaS: hand felted and formed wool, embroidered with silk threads; suede handles and lining are sewn by hand too. I have few of her pieces, but always want more, 'cause just can't resist :) The bag appeared when I wanted a cat very much - a little more about it can be found here (in Russian). And then finally, after the bag, Lady Krzysya, my charming cat appeared in my life. So Alexandra's works can bring a luck ;)
    • Silver plated brooch from the Toch’ena collection by Koval. Nataly is a big friend of our family, but I'm happy to feature her definitely not only because of that :) She creates really incredible modern jewelry with undoubtly ethnical inspiration, so it was just impossible not to put her brooch on the lapel.
  • Gloves - Flea Market. I have very narrow hands, so the gloves that sit well on them I buy always and everywhere. I wear a lot of them, including because of very dry skin that does not like windy and frosty weather.

That's all so far, I hope it was a bit useful. To be continued, so stay tuned :)

P.S. Ukrainian version can be found here.