Sunday, 27 November 2016

Grey beauty

When you like a design, it's not a crime to repeat it. Not one-for-one, of course, but it's even impossible when you work with a lampwork glass. Anyway, at one time when I had made that first version of this gorgeous grey jewelry set, I liked it so much that since it was bought I wanted to make something like that ones more.

A sophisticated simplicity of the jewelry design and advanced grey and ivory marble pattern of the glass used, make this necklace, earrings and ring set really gorgeous and incredibly beautiful. It's like a gentle touch of a winter - not a bright one, when there's no much sunlight and snow, - however, still nice and cozy, when you look at it from the window while sitting near the fireplace, with a blanket and a cup of spicy tea.

All pieces are available now, during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales at my shop. Enjoy! ;)

P.S. Ukrainian version of the post is here.