Thursday, 8 December 2016

New loyalty program

The world keeps spinning and it's time for a renovation. My old loyalty program has shown itself to be not popular and effective enough, so I've decided to transform it into the discount program - very simple and understandable for everyone.

Now when you shop with the EmeraldFlameCrafts for the first time, with your package you get a small card with the coupon code on it to get 10% with all your next purchases. You also receive a card for your friend, who can be interested in shopping with the EFC too, so she or he can also get a small 5% discount.

Simple as it is, and, I hope, pleasant for my beloved customers :) It's incredibly great that my pieces find their owners and lovely ears, necks, hands, etc. to bring their beauty into focus. I become happy every time someone buys something at my shop not because it gives me money, but because an item made by my hands finds a home and people to bring joy and pleasure to. Thank you for choosing EmeraldFlameCrafts and giving my pieces an opportunity to show themselves to the full!

P.S. Ukrainian version of this post is here.