Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Sea in the hair

When one of my friends asked me to make "a sea that can be worn in the hair", I was intrigued. She wears dreads and asked for the beads with really large hole to put on them. I thought that normally holes in my beads are very smooth, therefore they can fall down from the hair, so I made separator with harder, dried grains so the inner side of the beads can have better cohesion with the dreads. And put corals, fish, shells and fantasy as the decoration on the outer side. These set of six dread beads is what I - and my friend I joined in my recent trip to Bali - got in the result :)

Currently, I have only copper dread beads to offer in the "Hair accessories" section of my Etsy shop. However, I'll definitely make few more experiments to create something interesting for those who prefer dreads, braids, and beard. So far I'd like to share my joy from the "sea in the hair" :)

One "little sea" more. After I got back from Bali, I decided to make few beads inspired by the ocean and coral reefs, and this focal sea bead is the first swallow among them. I already have few others in my head, so stay tuned, 'cause they will come up soon.


P.S. Ukrainian version is here.