Friday, 5 May 2017

Corals for mother-in-law

Once upon a time there was a coin in the old dresser, an imitation of the ancient one, once given to the mother-in-law at work. And the desire of the jewelry lover to have a modern version of the traditional coral necklace in her casket - red, like the poppies in summer. And there also was an old necklace that had torn and wasn't worn as some of the beads had got lost, and a strand of the deep red corals. And to all - the daughter-in-law who makes glass beads and skillfully assembles jewelry. What's with all that happened? This is what!

A little bit of the Ukrainian glass, some Italian - and a set of glass beads is ready. Add to it the old corals, a coin as Dukach, and small beads from the old jewelry, supplement them by small glass beads, bright corals, copper findings and cotton ribbons - and a set of jewelry is ready to be worn: a luxury five strand necklace, earrings, and bracelet.

My mother-in-law prefers jewelry sets, so I planned all three pieces at once. The character they got is quite traditional but very modern so they can be worn either with the traditional embroidered or ordinary dresses. As for how they look like "in person", that's completely another story;)

Ukrainian version is here.