Sunday, 7 May 2017

Get Styled!: issue No 4

Spring came quickly - perhaps because I met it in several different countries :) Almost a month tour around Europe ended in my native Kyiv, which I left nearly in winter, and met with young greens and flowers. And yet - with the relatively warm weather, which allows to forget about the coat and boots, and recall the mood with a slight retro touch.

Why does it work? First of all, the general silhouette that successfully highlights the advantages of such a figure, "arrow" on the eyes, boat neck of the pullover together with pointed ballerina shoes, and lush, below the knee, striped skirt refer to the bright 50s and a little bit to a style of the heroine of "Stilyagi" movie, Polza, although in my case the costume colors are not so bright. However, a simple hairstyle, chains that are popular again and organic ring create a thoroughly modern context, loudly saying that it is not a reconstruction, but the modern quotation. Certain elements - "active" buckles on the shoes, chains, and a bag in a form of the black cat, even though it comfortably rolled up in a ball - the hint that this girl is not the fragile figure of the cited age, and may cope alone well. So the whole look is definitely feminine but strong. Exactly what is the topical as ever today.

What can be changed? Perhaps the only one thing. If to change the ballerina shoes to the retro shoes or sandals with medium height heels, the emphasis on femininity will be stronger, but the silhouette will pull over as well, adding slenderness to the feet and the look in general. That is quite important for the girls of my type of figure.

Places and passwords :) So:
  • Ring - Emerald Flame Crafts. I like such glass pattern very much. You can find a similar one here.
  • Chains - Family Treasures. Once, very long ago I was given them to perform as the Gypsy Girl in the New Year performance in kindergarten. Since then I tenderly love them :)
  • Bag - Artisan, handmade by Мастерская Александры TildaS. The story of when sometimes you want to have a cat, you can make a bag of its shape, and put the phone with vibration into it to almost feel it purrs! But even without this story, I have a wonderful small bag that fits perfectly to the vintage looks. Recommend the craftsman!
  • Skirt - Flea Market. I bought it for its a little ethnic character, but found quite bright retro colors - and a wonderful companion including for the cooler weather, to wear with hat and short coat. 

That's all so far, I hope it was a bit useful. To be continued, so stay tuned :)

P.S. Ukrainian version is here.