Friday, 16 June 2017

Get Styled!: issue No 5

Today I'm going to tell you the story about that the curvy girls shouldn't wear horizontal stripes. Some of the options, for example, too broad and contrast may make the fail option, true. But if you choose the right colors and style, the stripes can be quite a decent foundation for a new look.

Why does it work? First of all, this outfit represents the Marine style, but not quite typically interpreted. My appearance is not very suitable for contrast, dramatic combination, and therefore the standard "marine" white-blue or black-and-white stripes of equal width do not fit me. Therefore, for this dress, I chose a combination of the pale green and sand - winter colors of the English coast, where bundles of the acute, but thin pale greens in the sand tremble under the wind, full of splashes of the dark gray sea. The fabric of the dress - thick jersey - together with leather inserts on the shoulders create a smooth, feminine, but also assembled and structured style, while the skirt length visually slightly pulls figure out. The length of the sleeves and a choice of shoes without heels emphasize the coastal theme, 'cause the sea fishing is the hard work and doing it with the sleeves pulled down and on the toes is impossible! The outfit topic is also supported by the woven bag - say hello to the baskets of fish! - and "woven" pattern on the shoes (which, unfortunately, is not visible in the photo), as well as the earrings with feathers - whether the quote of the seagulls or the spinners used by the fishermen.

What can be changed? Shoes with heels can reduce the mood of the outfit too much to the everyday and modern, but this option is also worth trying. You can also make a different hairstyle or even try on a hat, add bracelet or brooch. Actually, this is what I did from the time these photos were taken: now a pair of small brooches, given by my husband, in the form of starfish is placed near the left shoulder of the dress. A wonderful final chord, in my opinion.

Places and passwords :) Not many today, but still:
  • Ring - Emerald Flame Crafts. I have made such a blue-green glass that fits a half of my wardrobe almost by accident, and since then it is one of my favorite jewelry pieces. You can find other rings here.
  • Dress - BB Style. I wanted a dress like this for a long time, but it appeared to be a challenge to buy a jersey with the warm colored stripes. Fortunately, it is not a problem that can not be solved, so after finding the pieces of leather that matched the fabric colors in the flea market, the idea was implemented. Although before that I only once had an experience of working with jersey, and, frankly, it wasn't too successful, the dress came out as desired. Hopefully, in the future, I will add few more jersey pieces to my achievements.
  • Bag - Flea Market. I bought it in not very good condition, but a little cleaning and easy modernization using a trim from the same fabric as the dress, have put the necessary gloss on pretty good, though an old thing. 

That's all so far, I hope it was a bit useful. To be continued, so stay tuned :)

P.S. Ukrainian version is here.