Hello and welcome!

My name is Jean and I own and operate the Emerald Flame Crafts shop on Etsy, run this blog and its Ukrainian-speaking version, as well as related Facebook page and Instagram.

My main passion is a lampwork - a process of melting glass over the flame and creating artisan objects of it. It's really incredible when you take smooth and shiny glass sticks, put them into the hottest flame - and make the glass dance in your hands to become something very different and great! When I saw this process for the first time, I realized that this is what I really want to do!

Unfortunately, the "barrier to entry" in the lampwork is very high for a hobby: equipment, tools, an organization of the workplace, as well as materials are not cheap at all. I had been saving for a long time to get a sum required for starting. I also asked my husband for help and together we managed to organize a tiny home studio. But when the first bead came out of the flame, I knew that all these were worth trying, and the glass is now my love forever :)

After some time, when I could truly name myself a lampworker, I started running an Etsy shop, EmeraldFlameCrafts.etsy.com. Now I bring a part of my love to the arts, own design ideas and passion to the glass in every single piece I create. I also use my skills and ideas for creating own ceramics, wooden or copper elements, and other crafts. My husband sometimes helps me with wooden elements, 'cause woodworking is his hobby. While our cat may appear from time to time on my photos - she's just too curious about what I do :) I run this blog and its Ukrainian-speaking version to tell about Emerald Flame Crafts and items I create, about lampwork as a craft, different 'do-it-yourself' projects, and, of course, craft-based style.

Today I create various beads, cabochons, glass pins, etc. Each glass item is annealed in a special kiln to enhance its durability. Created, annealed, cleaned with love, these glass pieces are sold in my shop - or become a part of my OOAK jewelry. I use only high-quality findings and materials (seed and glass beads, semi-precious stones, metal elements, etc.) to create jewelry sets, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, brooches, hair pins and rings. My real proud is the acorn brooches, wonderful woodland style jewelry, and gorgeous, sophisticated ethnic (folk) jewelry pieces. But I also create boho, tribal and modern jewelry, home decor and items for special occasions, etc. I make custom orders as well, but I never repeat any of my items one-in-one, including because of their artisan nature and glass properties. That's why my beads, findings, decor, jewelry and other items are really one-of-a-kind and can't be seen anywhere else. From time to time I either try myself in ceramics or other crafts, so you can find related pieces at my Etsy shop as well.

When I work with glass, I often sing or hum something :) Echoes of music education, so to speak. I do not know how it helps in the work but uniquely keeps the working mood on a positive wave. A glass is definitely a special material: sometimes it is impossible to predict how it will behave, especially with the new glass you have never worked before. Therefore I need to endlessly try new materials and colors, experiment, analyze and try again. Often, the final versions of the beads and other pieces appear not because it was originally intended, but because it happened so in the process. Although, of course, I undoubtedly pursuit to stable results.


Simple beads can be made in 10-15 minutes, while complex can take an hour or even few. Thus it is impossible to work on the bead and allow yourself a break, for example, for a cup of tea. You can't be distracted from the glass even for a second, otherwise, what already has been done may deform, crack, overheat, etc., and then the whole progress goes down the drain. Moreover, I work with the 1200°C flame, so you can get burn if you are not attentive enough.

I guess I can be called a perfectionist. I can keep working on one item for quite a long time before I can say it's ready. However, this is one of the finest properties of the lampwork: each new step on the path of progress allows to make a critical look at previous and become a little bit, but better. In spite of the hardship, I believe that the glass is the material that can reveal its secrets infinitely and feed your passion for new opportunities, techniques, materials, forms all the time... Even simply by the beauty! I'm only at the beginning of the sophisticated, but very exciting way of lampworker, and it only gets more interesting with each new step.

So follow me, take a look at my shop, find some inspiration and lovely artisan pieces. Enjoy!